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Language is considered to be one of the most interesting things, but at the same time, it is also labeled as one of the trickiest and complicated thing. You will be surprised to know that even natives are unable to correctly speak or write their respective language. One might think that the reason behind this is the lack of education, but there are people who have acquired a master’s degree yet they don’t have command over their language.

Among the numerous languages in the world, the most prominent and also the most complicated is the English language. In order to find anything over the World Wide Web, you need to read and understand English. The language is full of layers and nuance, the dialectal and the regional variation further, complicates the understanding and speaking process.

Just imagine something that is a complicated for a human mind to comprehend, how difficult would it be for the computers to understand. Regardless, how smart we think the computers have become, yet when it comes to natural language processing, there is little done. But like another subfield of computers, Natural Language Processing is also improving and enhancing with time.

Numerous IA softwares have the ability to identify spelling mistakes and also point out the grammatical errors. Building software whose only focus is to figure out a passive voice in a paragraph or a document has become a very trivial task. These software are unable to comprehend the language and come up with suggestions based on its understanding.

Today, Atomic Reach, a Toronto-based startup, has come up with something that will help you improve your English and make you an excellent copywriter.

How it works

Like many natural language processing tools, this app is also using the artificial neural network at its core. The software is meticulously built in order to comprehend twenty-three different language structures and language measures. Since the learning of this particular neural networks never stops, thus the software becomes more competent and less prone to errors with time. The more you run it, the more data it consumes and the more accurate it will become.

Initially, when the software was developed, it had about three million articles in its database, but with time the database is growing and the software is also analyzed on regular basis in order to ensure accurate and precise results.

Human beings are born with the ability to not only understand the language but also to communicate with it but the computers, on the other hand, do not operate like this.

According to the co-founder of Atomic Reach, Bradley Sliver, human beings are born with the ability to not only understand the language but also to communicate with it but the computers, on the other hand, do not operate like this. He added that the biggest challenge for every individual working at Atomic IA was to teach the software how to read and to help it grow its database so that it can contribute and adapt.

All this is very imperative because the inputs are becoming very sophisticated and the language is becoming dynamic every passing day. The Atomic Reach co-founder claims that their software is developed in such a manner that it has an innate ability to identify the text and the intended use of each word.

For example, if you have used a word “Running” in a paragraph that is about outdoors, the software would be able to identify running is a form of exercise. Working on this principle, it would be able to come up with suggestions that would improve your writing structure and quality.

Despite all the praises, we believe the software is going to have a good competition from its rivals including Yoast and Grammarly. Nonetheless, it is believed the Atomic AI is going to have an edge because it differs in a number of key areas. Firstly, the software is not for everyone, on the contrary, it is designed keeping in mind the content marketers.

The software is not concerned about readability. It majorly focuses on things that are important for content marketers such as conversation and engagement. It is designed for either digital publishers who are full-time content writers or massive organization having multiple people in the marketing department.

How to try it out

The software is being launched today, but it has already been tested on the real world data and the results are pretty impressive. You can test Atomic AI yourself, in order to ensure that the software is effective. It is available through any browser as a WordPress or Chrome extension. However, the software is also pretty expensive the basic package starts at $850 and raises to $4,500, but then “No Pain, No Gain!”

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