7 Free Apps that would make life easier


You have a smartphone, of course you do! Who doesn’t? Here’s a list of free apps that will make you more productive.

Life is full of free stuff, and who doesn’t like free stuff? Below we have created a list of 7 free apps that are going to make your life very easy.


IPhone’s FaceTime isn’t working for you, nor is Android’s Skype? Then install Duo, an app that is perfect for both Android and iOS. With this app, you can make a smooth video call to anyone who has installed the app and has a number. Among its numerous advantages the most prominent one is its user friendliness. Extremely easy to use and the immediate upgrades prevents any bugs or errors to last long. With its “Knock Knock” feature you can see the caller live before you have even taken the call.

Healthy Living

Health is wealth! You are having organic food! Good. You tend to read the nutrition labels before placing the product in your cart! Excellent! But have you ever thought about the ingredients present in your everyday creams, shaving creams and shampoo? Whom should you ask about the ingredients written on the products? They for sure are not easy to comprehend.
Download Healthy Living, an app from Environmental Working Group. It is a comprehensive rating based app that will make you acquainted with all the chemicals that are present in the product. With more than 120,000 personal care and food products, it is very easy for you to find the true ingredients of any product.

Hours Keeper

Being self-employed has numerous advantages, but keeping track of your hours can be a tiresome task. With Hours Keepers, your process of organizing the time that you spend on multiple clients becomes very simple. Besides sorting your hours by pay period, you can also create quick and efficient invoices through Hours Keeper. You can use the clock-in/clock-out function or you can even enter your time manually in order to keep tracks of the hours you are on duty.


Everyone wants to lose weight, but we are always short on time. Keelo is the perfect shortcut to losing weight. This high-intensity interval training program is a combination of conditioning and cardio workout ranging from 7 to 20 minutes. Unlike other interval training apps that have a static plan for everyone, Keelo devises a workout plan in accord with your goals. It also spells out everything that you will be doing in each stage of the workout. This way, you should know exactly what you are getting yourself into. Once sync with the Apple Heath app, you can easily track your results.


Dashlane is like being familiar with the host at the best restaurant in town. Just get to the door and you are in, no waiting at all. Dashlane is perfect for storing your IDs, passwords and personal details. It also can also store your digital payment information along with your credit card information. This way, you don’t have to worry about all this. The app will generate highly secure passwords for you. You can easily check out as it will automatically load your saved payment information, contact number and address. Using this amazing app on a single device is for free, however, using it on more than one device requires premium package.


Your search for a combo of bookmark folder, Pinterest board, and notes app has come to an end, thanks to Evernote. This app is the perfect solution for arranging and organizing your notes on your phone. This app has become a standard among the digital notebooks and productivity apps. Evernote allows you to put everything you want to remember in one streamlined platform that is present with you 24/7.

Parking Panda

It’s Saturday night and miraculously you have managed to get out of the door on time, but you are still stuck with the problem of parking once you reach. Finding a good parking place at a peak time is a big problem in itself. You would hate to pay through your nose in order to enjoy just a couple of hours with your friends. Instead of worrying and paying extra, just spend few seconds on Parking Panda and your Saturday night would turn out as you planned it. Available for more than 40 cities throughout the United States of America, the app offers discounts up to seventy percent off peak prices. Once you launch the app, a map will be displayed on your screen on which you can see available spots at each location along with their fee. Paying in advance will guarantee that space would be available upon your arrival.



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