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Seven must-get apps for your new MacBook


Seven must-have apps for your new Macbook

These are ten apps anyone getting a new Apple MacBook must install. Most are free which is great since you just paid an arm and a leg to buy your new shinny device.



It is a more resources hogging browser than Safari, however Chrome offers favicons in its tabs. This helps anyone make sense of the dozens of tabs open at the same time. Chrome is also a more intuitive browser and if you’re an Android user you will find the browser a smooth transition iOS.




If you are staring at your computer screen for the best part of your day then Flux is a must have. Just like Night Shift for iPhones, Flux adjusts the colour temperature of your display according to the time of the day.

Dropbox integrates with Finder to make it easier to use.



Apple’s iCloud and Googles Drive are two other options for online store, however I’ve been a Dropbox user from the very start and could not fault it. It’s my favourite app for moving files between my iPhone and Mac. Dropbox integrates into Finder on your Mac and adds a helpful menu bar for quick access you your files.

Dropbox can be downloaded here.




This is one of the paid apps in the list. The text-expansion app creates abbreviations for commonly typed words. With it you can type abbreviations and the app will replace them with full words, for example type ‘ty’ and the app will replace it with ‘thank you’.

The app can be bought for $4.99 on the app story and is great for anyone wishing to save time while typing.




This is the perfect app for anyone who occasionally needs to work with Microsoft Office documents but doesn’t want to shell out for the full application. LibreOffice is perfect stand in for Microsoft Office.

Since Google Docs has been released, I find myself using LibreOffice less, however if you don’t have access to the internet the app is still useful.




Calendar apps are great for organising your weekly schedule and tasks. There are abundance of paid apps which are more powerful than Itsycal. This simple and free app installs an icon in your menu bar which shows the current date. Click on the icon to see your full month. It also links up to the stock calendar app and will display your upcoming appointments. You’re not able to schedule appointments with Itsycal but I prefer to simply see my calendar in an easy and simple way.




This is a clear choice and may be the first app you install. It made this top ten list for obvious reasons. I love listening to many genres of music and there is not enough space on the MacBook for all my music collection.

Spotify is great for listening to on demand music, whether I feel like listening to some Black Keys or Luciano Pavarotti the choice is always there.

You can get the free/premium Spotify here.

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