Snapchat update adds universal search feature


Snapchat update adds universal search feature

In their latest update, Snapchat had added a new search bar intended to make finding friends, groups and contents much easier.

The search bar is alway present at the top of the screen much like Facebook’s search bar. Start a search and a “quick chat” menu pops up with your favourite friends, news stories and groups.

Tap on your friends’ icons to start chatting to them or long press to see their profile. Did they posted a new story that day? You will see a thumbnail which you can click and will take you to that story. The search bar can be used to search for a specific person or story. It also makes it easier to Discover channels by typing relevant keywords.

In addition Snapchat is making it easier for you to contribute to Our Stories. Reportedly Our Stories will not be tied just to specific places or Holidays. You will not be required to submit your snaps to a specific Our Stories, instead Snapchat will request permission to use your Snapchats for Our Stories as they wish.

The update will be available for a small number of Android users, with a full rollout coming shortly.


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