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Top 10 Fitness Apps for January


In a world where hundreds of fitness apps help you watch your weight and stay healthy, there is no reason why you shouldn’t ”app-ly” yourself. Thankfully, every kind of sport and exercise has an app to go alongside it. Yet again, a good number of them sync with Android Wear smartwatches to present information in the most convenient way. From hopping, skipping, jumping, to in-line skating and anything in between, it’s all there to help you tone up and stay fit.

In relation to this, we’re giving a quick review of the top 10 fitness apps to use. With these apps, you shouldn’t shy away from watching your weight and toning up.


1. Jefit Pro

This is a complete workout and fitness tracker, allowing you to complete a range of workout routines on your own.
Once you engage it over a period of time, you can login to the results to view charts that highlight your progress since you begun working out.

The reason why this is a must-have fitness app is that it contains over 1300 exercises accompanied by their respective animations and tips on how to do them safely and correctly. However, most of the exercises rely on some gym equipment, so you’ll need to obtain a membership at your local gym.

2. Noom Weight Loss Coach

This fitness app lets you log your food intake to know your calories. It also lets you log your exercises and weight loss routines to view your progress.

A pedometer feature has been included to track your walking. And because they want you to stay motivated, they keep adding health and wellness articles on a daily basis.

3. Runkeeper

Runkeeper isn’t popular for nothing. Instead, it’s an android app that lets you use other accessories like Polar heart monitors, Android watches and Fitbit trackers for your convenience. It has a GPS tracking tool which helps in recording all activities ranging from a quick walk, to a full-blown marathon.

With this app, your wrist watch will present basic run stats that you’d typically find in the phone view. Runkeeper is also considered among the few apps that support GPS Android wear watches such as Sony SmartWatch 3.

The paid version lets you compare your performance with friends while also tracking your progress overtime.

4. Runtastic

Runtastic is a direct competitor of Runkeeper since they do the same thing. Runtastic also offers support for Android wear.

However, you’re going to compare their user interfaces to see which one you like. One notable difference is that Runtastic has very good music integration with services like Spotify. So maybe being able to control music as you work out is a priority, and in this case, Runtastic is the better option.

You should also be able to enjoy a vast array of features with the paid version. These include interval training, a voice coach, and a few activities like skating.

5. Sportstracker

We love the fact that Sportstracker is keeping it simple while still offering myriads of features you’ll find useful. It monitors your heart rate, keeps a history of your activities, while also making sure that voice prompts are working without asking you to pay for an upgrade.

The UI is nice and simple regardless of whether you’re using an Android wearable or a phone. So if you want to keep your activities simple and straight to the point, Sportstracker is your ultimate app.

6. Zombies, Run

We’re not scaring you with an episode of Walking Dead, but this Android app does it perfectly. Part of it is a game, another part is a motivational audio book while still making sure that it tracks your fitness activities. You have to engage your earphones to take advantage of the storytelling part of it.

If you’ve been yearning to strike your first 5K plan, this is the ultimate app to use since it will keep you occupied, hence distracting you from the feeling that your lungs are going to explode.

7. Endomondo Sports Tracker

Endomondo is another popular fitness app that will do all things that a decent fitness tracker is expected to do. It will watch you as you jog, run, walk or cycle. It’s more involved with tracking distance and time. The app now supports Android Wear, and this is a plus for the guys who want a complete package.

With this app, you’ll have an audio coach to train you. You’ll also compete against friends and strangers. It has route maps to help you explore new places for activities. Lastly, it also makes provision for manually entering workouts into the system so you can track all your activities.

8. Strava

Strava is for those who love cycling, though it can also double up as a run tracker. The reason why you’ll love it is because it plays into the natural cyclist’s competitiveness. It keeps you motivated with emails that let you know that a friend just beat you in the same race.

9. Map my Ride

Use Map my Ride to track your route, distance, speed, elevation, calories, time consumed, and many more. Alerts are delivered through audio, so you don’t have to keep interacting with your Android phone.

The free version is just free to download. However, the paid version gets rid of ads that can be bothersome.

10. Bike Gear Calculator

If you are a bike nerd, this is your ideal app to go with. It’s for the people who would rather fix their bike than send it to the local repair shop.

It monitors the exact rotation on your bike’s gear (depending on your settings). This app simply optimizes your biking experience, letting you develop a deeper relationship with your bike.


Choose among the top 10  apps above and stay fit. If you love yourself, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t tone up, especially now that we have hundreds of fitness apps waiting to make your work easier.

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