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There is only one place where you can become acquainted with the technology before it hits the store and that place is “Consumer Electronics Show”. Every year, CES provides a platform for not only technological organizations but also individuals to show and display their latest technology. This is a chance for any potential consumer to actual use a gadget before paying the price for it.

Every year CES gets better and better, and this year the show surpassed everyone expectation. The technologies, the gadgets and the products that were displayed were unique and outstanding. Each and every product present in the show was one of a kind, it was pretty difficult to make a list of best and. Nonetheless, we did manage to sieve through the abundance of tech and pick the top 10 techs from CES 2017. So, let’s get started


Razor’s Project Valerie

Razor’s Project Valerie. Pic by

Praying for a super cool, efficient laptop? Your prayers have just being answered. This year in CES, Razer’s Project Valerie Concept laptop was something not to be missed. The laptop offers speeds, efficiency, and two foldable displays. These displays can be expanded out, one towards the right and the other towards the left, giving you a bigger, brighter and smarter screen. It supports 4k resolution and Razer claims that you can use these screen individually or you can use it as one giant screen in order to take your video game experience, movie or even simple browsing experience to next level.


Dell 2in1 Laptop

Dell’s latest release. XPS 13 2-in-1 Laptop

Another laptop, it may not have three screens, but it for sure is something to behold. This convertible laptop offers flexible rotating hinge, making it very easy for you to use in any direction. This laptop is the updated version of Dell’s already famous XPS 13. The laptop is considered to be Dell’s smallest 13 inches with infinity edge display i.e. the laptop squeezes 13-inch display into an 11-inch frame. With its 5.7 million pixels and touch friendly feature, the screen is easy to pinch, tap and swipe. Its standard backlit keyword allows you to work in less light or even completely dark rooms. Once you get your hands on this laptop, you will never find a better one again.



LG’s W7 on display at CES 2017

Televisions are among the most famous gadgets at CES and there was no exception this year. It seems that the curved TVs are finally leaving the board and in their place, we have now thin smart and almost invisible TV. Samsung, Sony, and LG came up with different TV ideas, but LG managed to attract all the attention this time.
LG’s W7 is thinner than your finger! Yes, you heard us right, the TV is just 2.5mm thick and the prototype that was presented at CES 2017 had 40% translucency. Despite the price, it is a Television set that one must have.


Razer’s Futuristic Project

Another outstanding Razer’s project “The Ariana”! The gaming company has made it, its mission to always deliver VR-like experience without actually needing the VR headset.
Once you point the Project Ariana at the screen, you will be amazed at what it does. The project will expand the edges of your Television set onto the wall. This will take your gaming experience to the next level. It also has the ability to corporate with other lighting products to further enhance your gaming experience. For example, if your screen goes blue, Ariana will make sure that all the other lights in your room also go blue.


Toyota Concept i-UX

Toyota’s i-Concept at CES 2017.

Over the past few decades, companies have been coming up with cars that have AI integrated into them. Every year, a better and enhance model is displayed at the CES. This year was no different, Toyota came up with their latest Concept-i UX. The car incorporates everything from haptic feedback to artificial intelligence to create a unique and different kind of relationship with the driver. Its looks like a cross between something out of Star Trek and a sports car. Its inbuilt personal digital assistant, Yui, can offer everything that you would dream in a car.


Honda’s New Motorcycle

Honda’s latest innovation can balance itself at very low speeds.

If we can have self-driving cars, why can’t we have a self-balancing motorcycle? This year at CES 2017, Honda came up with an amazing self-balancing motorcycle. The bike can maintain its balance when it is going at a speed less than 3/mph and all thanks to Honda’ new Riding Assistant Technology.


Beds are getting smarter

Your bed now has a mind of its own as seen at CES 2017.

Like everything else, the beds are becoming smarter as well. This year at the CES a new bed was introduced called the Sleep Number 360. With its smart software, the bed can control temperature and it uses a barrage of sensor very efficiently. It ensures that you have a very restful sleep during the night. It can do things like warming your feet or regulating its alignment based on the side you are lying on.


Samsung QLED TV

Samsung’s latest TV at CES.

Over the phase of bendable and curved TVs, Samsung has shifted its attention to dots, to be more precise, quantum dots. This new 4K-resoultion TV uses nano- sized silicon particles to create clear and brighter screens. But things don’t stop here, Samsung QLED comes with a completely wireless sound bars and you can control the television using your smartphones.


Nvidia Shield TV

Nvidia’s latest upgrade to Shield. Pic by

Nvidia’s Shield TV is perhaps the best home entertainment tech that we came across at CES 2017. Despite it being around for some time, Nvidia has made a great improvement in this year’s model. The shield TV is smaller and it comes with a wide range of new features. The most prominent feature is the 4H HDR quality streaming along with Android 7.0.


Mattel Aristotle

Something for new families.

This is the perfect combination of Amazon Echo and smart baby monitor. Mattel’s Aristotle is a heaven for new mothers, it’s smart voice-activated speaker along with the camera are intended to help with tasks such as encouraging kids to mind their manners, soothing a crying baby and assist them in learning a new language.


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